Located about 2 km from Cua Dai sea, An Bang beach is not fussy with amenities, only clear blue water, smooth sand stretching for nearly 4 km and strips of sea morning glory flowers crawling on the sand, showing their dreamy purple under the bright yellow sunlight.

An Bang beach belongs to locals here. Early in the morning, little boys and girls are engrossed in fun or gather to catch ghost crabs, some old men sit around for chat, while watching floating basket boats from a distance. And when the sun completely comes up, they turn back to their daily routines, leaving An Bang beach in peace with gentle waves

Since being listed in the top 50 most beautiful beaches in the world voted by CNNGo, An Bang has been attracting tourists to visit every year. Interestingly, An Bang beach stll retains its own wilderness despite being well-known. People here don’t even set up tents or counters to sell goods, catering services don’t grow massively. There are only a few simple homestays by the sea and a couple of leaf huts of a rustic bar on the white sand.

Give yourself moments to freely enjoy the romantic atmosphere of An Bang in beautiful little huts with colorful chairs and cushions laid on the sand, temporarily leave behind the rush of work and life

If you’re a sea lover, rent a room, so that you can lie on the beach and watch the stars, listen to the sound of waves comforting your sleep. Such a heaven!

A product by Saa Pro – Camera operator : Nguyen The Phong

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