Bai Dinh is talked to be the spiritual region, which is the root of many great people. This is where Grand Preceptor Nguyen Minh Khong of the Ly dynasty practiced Buddhism, performed ceremonies on top of a mountain, then named the pagoda and the mountain. The footsteps of Great Saint Nguyen are everywhere.

Spiritual Bai Dinh Temple is located in Trang An Scenic Complex about 15 km from Ninh Binh city, to the west of the historic area of Hoa Lu ancient citadel

Bai Dinh is the largest temple in Vietnam, which is well known for many records: the largest bronze Buddha statue in Southest Asia, the largest bronze bell in Southest Asia, the corridor with the most Buddha statues…This is a spiritual continuation from a thousand years ago to a thousand years later.

Nature has favored to give people of Ninh Binh beautiful landscapes, but they also contribute to honor and beautify the landscape of nature here. All of these things have made Bai Dinh become a sparkling and colorful gem, a thousand year of spirituality, a thousand years of legend.


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